terça-feira, dezembro 20, 2016

Tentative BRally for 2018!

Boats interested on a BRally 2018, sailing northbound the coast of Brazil during the 2018 season, please e-mail to matajusi@gmail.com with your:


Boat Name:
Boat Size:
Boat Flag:
Crew size:
Period during the year you plan to be in Brazil:

If the interest is there, we will put together a BRally 2018, and inform the boats that expressed interest on participating.

We are posting this notice also to the sites of OCC, CA, SSCA, NoonSite and other sites of Marinas and Rallies where boats could be before heading to Brazil or to The Caribbean.

ABVC - Associação Brasileira de Velejadores de Cruzeiro is inviting Foreign Boats to participate on a local rally (Cruzeiro Costa Leste)  that will sail northbound the coast of Brazil, with final destination Salvador, with a Temporary Membership while the Foreign Boat is in Brazilian Waters.

Depending on the number of boats interested, we can put together Rallies through the better parts of the South Brazilian Coast, such as Ilhabela, Ubatuba, Parati, and Angra dos Reis, while waiting for the time to go up the coast with the Brazilian Cruisers, as well as, Rallies through the North Brazilian Coast, maybe even including sailing inside the Amazon River.